Good at how to do programming, I am a full-time freelancer right now. I was former CTO of, and was responsible for software architectural design, deploying and so on. I am also good at developing website backend and frontend, devops and mobile application development. Furthurmore, I have also been a Ethereum smart contract developer, so I am able to develop Dapp.

If you want to cooperate with me, you can read the paragraph below, I will show you which skills I have known and which kinds of projects we can cooperate with.

Understanding how to cook, but I can only make the meal such as Chinese-style or Japanese-style dishes. I will learn how to make breads or desserts afterwards.

Not very good at painting, I am still learning. The painting style I want to learn is Japanese-animation style. The parinters I like the most are 森倉圓, 加瀬大輝, 魔太郎 and 兔姬。After reaching the certain level, I also want to learn how to use Live2D in order to animationize the characters I create. This must be a very interesting thing.

I am not a person who loves to play, I consider that creating things and learning knowledge bring me more pleasantness than traveling outside or playing electronic games. You can also consider me as a workaholic. However, I will not be a workaholic when I am doing some boring jobs, for example, being a worker who do the same things everyday.

Contact me
  • swimming
  • cooking
  • painting and read comic books, I want to be an H painting painter.
  • To play the piano and violin, I have learned composing for a while.
  • To “buy” games. Actually, I seldom play games, because I am very bad at action or FPS game because my hands are all thumbs. Furthurmore, I have no friends can play party games with me. I spent lots of time playing strategy games, such as “Age of Empire III”, “Software Inc.” and so on.
  • Chinese (Native speaker)
  • English
  • Japanese (Noob)


Education experiences
  • Taichung first senior hight school, graduated
  • National Tachung University of Education, Bachelor degree, temporary leave.
  • People’s Republic of China, Hubei Province, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Software Engineering Institution, Exchange Student. (2016.7 ~ 2017.2)
Work experiences
  • Bingyan member of programming team (2016.7 ~ 2017.2)
  • Founder of Fresco Technology (2017.7 ~ 2019.7)
  • CTO at (2018.7 ~ 2020.11.30)
  • Full-time freelancer (2020.11.30 ~)
  • AMPOS Solution part-time fullstack software engineer. (2021.3.1 ~)

Cooperate with me

I am a full-time freelancer, I can help you to develop applications you want. The following list shows the kinds of applications we can cooperate with:

Website frontend and backend development based on Cloud

Using Symfony PHP or Express Node.js framework to develop backend and using vue.js or Vallina JS to develop frontend.

Deploying application via AWS, GCP or Digital Ocean, you can also customize all functions.

Example projects: electronic business system, video streaming or multimedia website, social website or static website.

Desktop application development

Using Electron to develop desktop applications, the software can competible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Example projects: desktop music player, desktop file manager.

Mobile application development

Using flutter to develop mobile applications, the software can competible with Android and iOS without writing two version of code.

Other types of application

Because I love to learning new skills, I cannot list all the skills above. I have also some experiences of devloping other types of appcation such as Ethereum smart contract, OpenWRT router embedded software, Qt Desktop application and lots of web crawlers. You can contact me if you have any idea.